K3 is the new dressage addition to both the Netherlands and Germany.

K3 is the first approved son of  K2, and in the first year of his career as a stallion.

This young stallion clearily stood out above the crowd at the 2006 approvals and was awarded approval for the Verband. K3 is a very supple and elastic mover having excellent extravagant gaits and displaying a great deal of harmony in his body, with more maturation down the road. He was light on his feet and of noble expression, with equally pleasing and a good free jump. Having excellent gaits, a strikingly refined exterior and an outstanding temprament distinguish this modern refinement stallion.

The black dressage stallion K3 has very quickly risen to  Z levels

 and has been very successful  and is now competing at  Z2  

standing Reserve Champion at the District championship in

Feb 2010 . K3 Noir qualifies for the Dutch National

Championships at ZZ level to take place in June 2011 .

2014  - K3 winning at Prix St georges and Inter 1 .

The stallion has a very athletic and cooperative nature ,

is very pleasant to handle and has great charisma.

The first year offspring show excellent movement , modern  

type  with beautiful heads .

K3 has two of the most succesful Trakhener mares in Powstar history in his pedigree. Schwalbenburg, the dam of numerous licensed stallions and the former Bundeschampion mare, Kalinka, with a touch of the most refined Anglo-Arabian bloodlines through the extra class stallion, Upan la Jarthe - sire of many licensed sons and numerous sport horses for all disciplines .


K3's sire the famous K2 has the finest Trakehner bloodlines in the utmost perfection. True to the name K2 - one of the highest mountains in the world - this young stallion clearly stood out above the crowd at the 2001 approval. It's not every year when spectators know from the beginning who will be the champion, but this year, 5000 people and the comission were united in proclaiming K2 approval champion of 2001. K2's name is fitting. K2 is one of the world's highest mountains in the Himalaja region and what a stallion K2 was.

Everything about him was spectacular. His harmonious body, type and expression combined with movement seemed to come from outer space! K2 only touched the ground out of pure free will. His knee action, impulsion and elasticity were exemplary, as was his predigree. His, sire, Stradivari, is not one of the popular "names". A 12 year old, Stradivari is sired by the Anglo Arab Upan la Jarthe AA out of Otto Langels' elite mare Schwalbenburg by Ibikus. Schwalbenburg has produced 3 other approved sons: Schwadroneur, Silvermoon and Showmaster. K2's dam is the premium mare Kateja by Oldenburg's "century" sire Inschallah AA out of another elite mare, Kalinka by Mahagoni. This of course represents the famous Kassette family. No other stallion combined more Arabian and English TB lines and it was absolutely great that the comission found the courage to name such an exemplary horse with a classic Trakehner pedigree the champion. K2 was bred by the small Baden-Württemberg breeders Ingeborg and Manfred Wöhrl of the Bretzfeld Trakehner stud. A full brother to the approved Key West (owned by Burkhard Wahler at Klosterhof Medingen and currently winning at intermediate level open jumping competitions), K2 has found a new home at one of the world's most prestigious stud farms in Oldenburg, the Sprehe farm. Sold for 350,000DM to the cheers of the crowd. It is testimony to K2's remarkable quality that the Oldenburg Verband paid more for him than for the Hanovarian champion stallion of 2001, who they also bid for, but dropped out when the price exceeded the value of the horse for their breeding program . . . a problem they obviously didn't find with K2!

K2 was a high achiever at his 30 day test with a score of 8.8 in dressage. He finished his 70 day test in 2004 in Neustadt-Dosse with the second best dressage index in a group of strong competitors (133.21/2nd among 48 stallions). In 2003 he qualified for the Bundeschampionat for German riding horses in Warendorf and has meanwhile collected top ribbons in elementary level tests for young dressage horses. K2 has already proved his best attributes as a sire. At the Trakehner Foal Auction on the occasion of the stallion approval in Neumünster in 2004, the most expensive filly and colt were from his first crop. In 2005 at the approval in Neustadt/Dosse, his first son was licensed and at the 2005 Oldenburg Stallion Market, Swedish buyers purchased an especially strong typed young stallion.


STRADIVARI  was sold to France in 2005 . Stradivari is by the recently deceased Anglo Arab Upan la Jarthe AA. “ Stradivari stood at the very small privately owned Brettachtal stud in South Germany and only covered a handful of mares. Less than 50 of his offspring are registered in Germany, many of them winning especially in show jumping and eventing. His sons Key West and the 2001 champion K2 are popular and will hopefully put this very valuable line on a broader basis," Trakehners International wrote.

UPAN LA JARTHE  AA   (by Pancho II AA)  also died recently. The dark bay stallion was discovered in France by breeder Otto Langels and he brought him as a yearling to Germany. Upan La Jarthe was licensed with several studbooks in Germany and produced one of the best jumper index scores for the Trakehner and Westfalian Verband. He sired two licensed sons, Kadre Noir and Stradivari.

INSCHALLAH  was a definitive example of an Oldenburg Foundation Sire. Inschallah was a French bred Grey Anglo Arab (36% Arab) who was exported from France to Oldenburg where he became the most important sire next to Furioso II at the famous Vorwerk stallion station in Cappein. Inschallah was approved for breeding by the Oldenburg Verband as well as Hannoverian, Trakehner, Westfalen, Hessen and Rhineland Verbands. Inschallah is also considered a prominent influential bloodline in current Dutch horse breeding. Inschallah was a sire with enormous gaits... producing the current desired style of trot in Germany of a more rounded movement, with higher knee action and a reaching forward stride...as opposed to the flat leg movement desired years ago. With his powerful frame and extravagant movement, Inschallah has had a big influence on modern warmblood breeding. His offspring have dominated in every aspect...auction foals, show mares, elite foals, conformation show class winners, top dressage horses and show jumpers. His progeny winnings (in Europe) are well over DM 891,000. Inschallah has sired Olympic medal winning dressage horses and has over 34 fully approved sons including Indonese, who won over DM 30,000 in dressage competition in 1990. Ile de Bourbon, In Extenso, Inselfurst, Insider, and Interpol are just a few approved stallions standing in Germany at the present time. The Swedish team Olympic dressage horse, Inferno, is by Inschallah. And the Olympic Champion, Mon Cherie, owned by Elizabeth Theurer-Max (Austria) is by Inschallah and is well known for his exceptional collecting ability. His auction foals, including Invincible (DM 150,000), bring in top prices. Inschallah has sired fillies who have produced such successful sires as Westminster, Picasso and Very Important. He sired over 83 premium mares. Ideal, one of Inschallah`s offspring, born in Germany in 1985, was exported to the United States and has become one of the most popular breeding stallions in North America. Ideal has for three years running (1997, 1998 and 1999) been the number one sire of Premium foals in North America presented to the ISR/Oldenburg NA Registry. In 1995, Germany`s former Oldenburg breeding manager and former Oldenburg N.A. breeding manager, Dr. Roland Ramsauer, said Inschallah blood is currently very popular with European breeders. Inschallah`s impeccable temperament has been successfully and consistently showing up in generation after generation of his offspring. The Inschallah blood produces enormous gaits and solid conformation, but it also produces very suitable sport horse temperament. Inschallah has been described by people who know him as a kind and intelligent stallion eager to please and careful with handlers. His offspring are collectively considered quite intelligent and very oriented to be around people.


WENDY , Copilots Dam is one of the youngest daughters of the KWPN approved stallion Samber. She has a lovely temprament and attitude good conformation and off the floor elevated movement.

SAMBER Dutch Warmblood stallion with the "Golden Temperament" scored 10 for temperament and trainability at 100 day testing in Holland with an overall of 160.2 points, he gained an A Certificate.

Samber was bred by Mr Smilda from Roderwolde (NED) and stationed at Vrieling's station in Coevorden.

SAMBER has competed very successfully in Europe through Grand Prix level Dressage and the Z levels in jumpers, mostly with a junior rider.

SAMBER is by two highly rated Dutch Horses - PERICLES: a preferent rate stallion and TINA D  a ster. preferent, prestatie rated mare. SAMBER has consistently been very highly ranked on the index (400 stallions on average) for both dressage (top 20's) and jumpers (top 100's) for producing offspring excelling in these disciplines.The KWPN breeding stallion Samber now approaching 32 years is the oldest still breeding sire for the KWPN studbook. Samber  is the only coloured sport horse licensed with the KWPN studbook.

Since 1979, Samber has been covering mares and his breeding numbers have varied between 55 and 180 per season.

Samber has numerous licensed offspring world wide. His most famous licensed sons are Art Deco (Samber x Zorba), Sambertino (Samber x Wellington), and Sambesis (Samber x Utrecht).

TINA D  Ster , Pref , Pres   Tina was a remarkable mare who produced 19 foals, a number of which obtained Ster, Keur and Prestatie status including Wanda, a Keur Preferent Prestatie mare full sister to Samber. This mare line, commencing with the coloured mare Karoll, a registered Gelders mare of unknown origin is responsible for producing more tobiano sport horses world wide than any other.

                 Tina D Ster , Pref , Pres

PERICLES xx   English TB 14 starts; won 2, placed 3. Foaled in GB. TB approved for KWPN. Especially known as a dressage sire.

Pericles xx descended from Man O' War and is one of the greatest stallions of Dutch breeding and is one of a few to receive the title of Preferent.


Introducing the sensational young stallion


Co Pilot’s stock have been phenomenal  , winning championships everywhere .So far this year 2014 they have  won and stood champion at most major show in the country  including Royal Windsor , South of England , Newark and Notts County , Ayr County , Bath and West , Midlands County .

Show Results for Co-Pilot





Upan La Jarthe

EM  Schwalbenburg



PrM  Kalinka XV

Stella XV




Stafette II





Pericles xx Keur  Preferent


Queen Of Peru

Tina D

ster , Pref , pres


Astrid D

Odessa ster



Ronda   Pref




       Key West
Full brother to K2 who tragically died in an accident in 2007
Elite mare Schwalbenburg by the Elite sire Ibikus .
Kalinka XV
Upan La Jarthe




KWPN , 2007 , to make 16 -16.1 hh .Black & white Tobiano . Homozygous black .
BSPA Champion Stallion at grading March 2010

Co-Pilot is a modern young stallion who has everything - He has the most beautiful , correct conformation , a fantastic pedigree , fabulous off the floor paces and a temperament to die for .
Co-Pilot must be the most successful coloured colt in the country with a truly impressive showing record and made history by being the youngest ever  winner of the supreme in-hand title at the British Skewbald and Piebald
Association's national championships .
In 2009 Co-Pilot  was lightly shown  but gained many more wins and Championships and finishing the season winning at The Royal Highland with Overall In-Hand Chaps Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion In Hand & Ridden .
To date Co-Pilot has gained three 1st Premiums with the Scottish Sporthorse , Chaps & BSPA and was the highest scoring youngster at both his Chaps and BSPA Evaluations .

Co-Pilot has some of the best lines from Europe in his pedigree and it would be fair to say if not the only coloured colt then one of a very few with these lines .
Due to a near fatal accident Co Pilot has been unable to pursue a career under saddle but is more than proving himself as an important sire through his youngstock .

Co Pilot produces the most beautiful  modern stock with fabulous fronts  and  super active movement , they have kind easy temperaments  and a very willing outlook on life .


Pericles xx  Keur , Preferent